At Home Workouts

Some days it is really hard to go to the gym, especially when the weather is bad, and you don’t feel like going out and facing the elements. Right now, I’m on an “at home workout” kick. I love them because you can get a good 20-30 minute workout without any weights, right in the comfort of your own home.

I get many of my workout ideas from Pinterest, but the majority of my inspiration is through people I follow on Instagram. My favorite fitness enthusiast is Alexa Jean Fitness. She has great at home workouts! She offers different workout challenges that you can buy through her website.

I bought one of her workouts, and I am loving it! It’s a month long butt and leg workout, and I also have one of her month long ab workouts. Here’s a sample of what one of her workouts looks like:

Plank Leg Lift                                                                     15 Reps Each Leg

DSC_5736      DSC_5737

Donkey Kicks                                                                     20 Reps Each Leg

DSC_5738      DSC_5739

Single Leg Glute Bridges                                                 10 Reps Each Leg

DSC_5740     DSC_5741

Squat with Kickback                                                        10 Reps Each Leg

DSC_5742     DSC_5743

Face Up Glute Bridge                                                                        10 Reps

DSC_5746     DSC_5747


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