6 Reasons why you should go rock climbing

This weekend I went to an indoor rock climbing centre. It was amazing! I went to Inside Moves, and I highly recommend it. There is also a rock climbing place in Grand Rapids called Higher Ground. If you have not been rock climbing before, you should try it out, and here’s why:

1. New Adventure


It is always fun to try something new and step out of your comfort zone. Trying new things always gets me energized.

2. Great workout


Rock climbing is a great full body workout. Don’t get me wrong, the next day your arms and shoulders will be VERY sore, but it is worth it!

3. Stress reliever


You have to be completely focused when rock climbing. With the high level of concentration, it will take your mind off of everything else.

4. Make new memories

rock wall 5.jpg

Do you know many people who go rock climbing? I sure don’t. But you can always reminisce about that one time when you went rock climbing, or you can be planning your next trip.

5. Team building

rock wall 6.jpeg

Rock climbing is a team effort. While you are climbing there is always someone belaying. At Inside Moves, they teach you how to belay, so can belay whoever you go with and vice versa.

6. Reach your goals

rock wall 4.jpeg

Some walls are easy and others are very hard. There are times when you don’t reach it to the top. This just motivates you to get stronger, and be able to get to the top the next time.


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